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How you clean your thermal curtain https://the-thermal-curtains.com depends on the product type of your blackout curtain. Some insulating curtains may only be washed cold. Other curtains can tolerate laundry in the washing machine at temperatures of up to 40 degrees.


Before placing the thermal curtain in the washing machine, you should combine it several times in the form of layers. Gliders on the edge put in a cloth bag. Lace it up carefully. Even if the fragrance is seductive: wash the thermal curtain as indicated. Do not use softeners.


Don't be alarmed by the thought that a wet thermal curtain is very heavy. For wrinkle-free drying, however, it is advisable to let the thermal curtain dry when wet. So it hangs out and leaves no undesirable wrinkles.



How often should I wash a thermal curtain?


Curtains create well-being in your own home.

Of course, cleaning is associated with a greater effort depending on the weight and dimensions of the blackout curtain. Accordingly, it makes sense to clean the cold curtain when it has visible contaminants.

Nevertheless, you will find further tips on the care instructions. In any case, it is sufficient to clean the thermal curtain up to twice a year. Small tip: For the sake of your curtain, do not use the slingshot or the dryer.

Initially, you will be grey before this cleaning, but not every thermal curtain is heavy. Trust your original choice when you like light-impermeable curtains the best.


Combine your spring cleaning with cleaning the thermal curtain. Do you have the opportunity to dry thick curtains in the garden or on a large terrace? perfect.


Wash the thermal insulation curtain in alternation of the seasons.


Over the winter, it is sufficient to put in a wash cycle at the latest at the beginning of October. Over the winter months, when the thermal curtain proves its worth, you ensure a pleasant indoor climate without cold feet when getting up.