Curtains in the living room winter


Curtains in the living room

Curtains in the living room: ideas for spring/summer

The days are getting longer, the trees are getting green again and the first flowers are blooming: the cold season is over and it goes into spring. If you want to imitate this awakening of nature also in your living room, you can do so with some simple design tips. Window decoration is important thanks to the increased hours of sunshine. In this article you will learn how to bring spring into the living room with curtains and curtains and how to prepare.


Bring more light to the rooms with the right window decoration in the living room

At the change of season we start with the spring cleaning. A good time to tune the curtains and curtains to the new season. While in the cold season, thick fabrics are usually chosen as curtains to keep the warmth in the house, light fabrics can now be attached to the window in the living room. In this way, you can already let more daylight into the apartment to provide a more cheerful ambience.


Tip: Hang the old winter curtains and wash them directly. You can do the same with the new curtains if they have been stowed for a longer period of time. In our product consultant you will find care instructions for curtains, so that the textiles can shine again in a new shine.


Some recommendations for more daylight:

An airy curtain store in white or with a subtle pattern is suitable for almost any type of window in the living room to loosen up the space for spring.
A coloured curtain scarf with eyelets or loops can be quickly applied to the curtain rod to create a new look.

Heavy and opaque decorative scarves can be tied together or held aside using tie-ups and tassels. This not only looks chic, but also allows more sunlight to flow through the living room.

Modern curtains in the living room - ideas for more views of nature
Ruched fabrics bring more comfort to your own four walls. In times of higher temperatures, however, one would like to loosen up the living room and not visually reduce the room.


Surface curtains and raffrollos are an ideal choice in this case. The straight-line shape of these curtain types underlines a more casual and modern style.


A surface curtain gives a good figure, especially on large glass fronts, the raffrollos can ideally decorate smaller window types in the living room. In addition, the movable curtain rooms can be infinitely adjusted and can also be used on balcony or terrace doors: this way you can always choose the desired degree between darkening, privacy and views.

For example, in the morning we like to enjoy the view into the garden and the sunrise, whereas at noon sun protection is desired, so that we are not blinded by the low sun – or can prevent reflections on tVs and co.

As soon as it goes into the summer, a darkening with curtains in the living room becomes more and more important in order to keep the room cool even at record temperatures. In this article you can learn more about effective sun protection measures with curtains.


Colour matching of curtains to spring and furnishing
But which colours and patterns are recommended for the spring feeling in the living room? The answer: Soft pastel tones and bright colors!

Whether lily of the box white, cherry blossom pink, crocus violet or hydrangea blue: if you use the colour palette of a spring flower bouquet, it is possible to refresh the interior decoration and the window decoration in no time. You can also combine multiple pastel tones on the window or use them in combination with a light white undercurtain.


Light wood furniture or decorative items made of natural materials are suitable for matching the soft textile colours to the rest of the furnishings. If you are looking for an uncomplicated curtain for spring in the living room, you can use floral motifs or patterns. In summer, you can replace them with plaid patterns to create the country style in the living room. If you are drawn to the garden in the hot temperatures, you can even use curtains in the garden so the next barbecue evening will certainly succeed.


With new curtains in the living room, you can easily and quickly create a new ambience. Clever window decorations, bright colours and soft pastel tones bring a piece of spring to your own home. Now refresh your living room and change the curtains. In addition, you can already prepare for the rising temperatures in summer.