The Moondream noise curtains owe their noise-protecting properties to a special technology and offer you a very special acoustic comfort. You are able to reduce the sound caused by your windows up to 7 decibels, so that you have absolute peace of mind in your rooms.

The opaque noise protection curtain adapts completely to your rhythm of life. You can self-regulate or stop the influence of light – for a healthy sleep. In addition, it is provided with a thermal layer that minimizes the heat loss through the windows in winter and preserves the coolness in summer – for an ideal room temperature and lower energy costs all year round.

Curtains xxl - screen and decorative element of your apartment - ordered today and already hung tomorrow at your home! A curtain xxl is the calling card of your cozy home. Even from the outside, visitors have a view of the decoration of your windows before entering the apartment.


A curtain xxl should be light, so that you can also remove the curtain xxl and hang it on your own on the washing day.

Before purchasing your Curtain xxl, it is important to make sure that your Curtain xxl also fits the ambience of your apartment. In the past, curtains were simply hung on the ceiling. Meanwhile, there are arrangements with rods, eyelets and loops that make your curtain xxl look more effective.

We have provided a wide range of curtains xxl on our website for you. When browsing the page, also note the reviews of other customers for curtains xxl. Online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay also feature a rich selection of curtains xxl from various manufacturers and brands. The customer reviews of Internet visitors are a valuable helper in your purchase decision.


Gardine xxl - Checklist for purchase

In any case, ask yourself the following questions before purchasing and see if the curtain xxl fits:

My neighbours often look at me through the window at lunch; Is a curtain xxl able to protect me from these looks?
You want to wash your curtain; Is my curtain xxl light enough that I can lose weight and hang it on my own?
Which material is the longest durable for my curtain xxl?
Would you rather buy a bright white curtain xxl or a slightly more muted color?
Does the curtain xxl also fit the furnishings of my apartment?
Can I wash my curtain
for noise reduction xxl myself, or do I have to put it in the cleaning?
Is a curtain xxl the best choice for me or do I need a curtain?
Is my curtain xxl made of environmentally friendly materials?
Do you get a good quality for your money when you buy a curtain xxl?
Is it better to order a brand edgard, or is a simple product enough?
What are other buyers' thoughts on the Internet when you are looking for a Curtain xxl?