Shower curtains bathrooms


They are almost a kind of wallpaper - and yet so much more: shower curtains. Due to their color and motif, they make a decisive contribution to the bathroom design. And in case of doubt, they can be easily exchanged.


Shower curtains are a real alternative to the shower cubicle. Whether discreetly monochrome or brightly colored: they decisively influence the bathroom design. They have two decisive advantages over permanently installed rigid glass panes: they are quickly installed - and after showering, they are simply air-drying. Shower cabins, on the other hand, require certain craftsmanship skills for installation. And after each shower they must be carefully freed from the residual water, otherwise unsightly spots threaten.


Only advantages?

But their biggest advantage, flexibility, is also their biggest disadvantage: the shower curtain is building - and is getting closer and closer. Result: Any relaxation is gone because one is only busy to keep the intrusive part from the body.
Ingenious designers have come up with something to fix this problem. In the lower edge of many shower curtains, weights are sewn in. They can be made of metal, optionally rubber. If the fabric of the curtain is also quite heavy, the problem can be reduced to a minimum.



Your taste is crucial. Do you prefer abstract motifs or perhaps a motif from nature? Need another highlight in the bathroom? No matter what you choose, the shower curtain is always a decorative element. And as such, it does great things: if you are dissatisfied with your small bath, you can counteract it with a transparent curtain. This is also suitable if you have a daylight bath - and want to enjoy it even when showering. A dark bath, on the other hand, looks a little lighter with a light curtain.



It can hardly be easier: The eyelets of the shower curtain are attached to rings using a telescopic rod. In most cases, the shower curtain is encased in a pack of rings. Like the eyelets, they are either made of plastic or stainless steel. The latter generally looks better, but of course, it has a price. Also, care must be taken to ensure that it is stainless steel: only this one does not rust.


Cleverly bought - half work

Unfortunately, there are also other signs of wear -, especially mold. Washing often no longer helps, especially since many fabrics can only be washed at 30 degrees Celsius. Prevention is best here: Once a month the shower curtain should be in the laundry. Whether hand or machine, the care instructions will tell you. If you pay attention to it before you buy it, you will save a lot of work later on. Also, be careful when a product appears particularly inexpensive. Some of these models look good, but they are not quite dense.
In the meantime, anti-mold coatings are no longer uncommon. These adhesive coatings provide anti fungicidal and antibacterial effects. In addition to improved bathroom hygiene, you can also solve an optical problem by purchasing such a shower curtain bathrooms Where there is no mold, the design of your shower curtain in all its beauty comes into effect.


Dimensions and material

Standard dimensions are 180 x 180 cm or 180 x 200 cm, the latter for bathtubs. It is best to measure your shower. If it turns out that the curtain is too long, you can cut it well yourself. But do you also sew the practical weights back in at the bottom?

So-called textile shower curtains are mostly made of polyester. They look classy and dry quickly. For this, they are prone to mold without a special adhesive layer. Luxury variants are also available: cotton or linen. This brings a great look. Without a lower curtain, which is coated, however, they quickly suck themselves full of water.

Gladly bought:

WENKO 20044100 Anti-Mold Shower Curtain Uni White
Washable at 30 degrees. Polyester. Anti-mold coating. With stainless metal dissolved for suspension. Thick fabric, opaque, color-neutral white.
Sealskin Shower Curtain Model Pixel
180 x 200 cm, with difficulty, but without anti-mold coating. Modern design, rather cool-abstract.
Danilo shower curtain with anti-mold effect
Lots of motifs to choose from. The manufacturer supplies suitable additional bathroom accessories. Eyelets and rings made of plastic. Heavy and dense.